Jun 06

The Ipswich Olympic Party – The Bands

Amy Bell reports on the musical acts that performed on the VxM / ICR stage.


Bessie Turner

Bessie Turner is a solo artist. She sits on stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a natural, beautiful singing voice. She elegantly begins her first song. The audience falls silent as they listen to her sing. She has a clear voice, every word is heard. She occasionally interacts with the crowd, which shows that she is confident and comfortable onstage. Bessie sings a total of five songs and wows the crowd from start to finish.

The Aurora

The Aurora are six young men, who certainly know how to put on a show. They enter the stage and begin with a dance routine to Daft Punk’s ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’. They have really got themselves into the Olympic spirit by dressing up as athletes and their clothes consisting of the colours red, white and blue to resemble the flag of Great Britain. Right from the start of their show it is clear to see that they are confident and enthusiastic. They begin their set and get the crowd into the party mood. The crowd starts jumping and dancing. The Aurora are fun and extremely good at what they do. Their Olympic spirit certainly rubbed off on to the crowd.


Anaxis are a band that adds unusual, but effective twists onto well know songs. They provide something different and the songs collaborate very well with each other. One of their most popular songs with the crowd is an Eminem mash up. The Eminem lyrics are rocked up and it really works. They attracted many people who were at the park. They provided entertainment and enjoyment. They appeared to be comfortable on stage and looked like a professional rock/punk group.

Underline The Sky

Underline The Sky were the last band on stage. There was a large crowd waiting to see one of the most popular and successful bands in Ipswich. The band’s chemistry

Rayon and the Radical Lounge

Rayon and the Radical Lounge

is a joy to watch. The lead vocalist, Bronwyn Cooper looks confident and comfortable on stage and really knows how to get the crowd pumping and having a good time. Their set is very much interactive, giving the crowd the feeling of being on stage with them. This band really knows how to put on a show that goes down very well with the public.

Each band provided a different genre and created diversity. There was something for every musical taste, which attracted more people. The bands were enjoyed by all and they created pure enjoyment for all who was on Christchurch Park.

Jun 06


Jun 06

Ask your Black Sis…

big_sistersHi this is Sharna and Cherelle, two members of the Black Forum. The Black Forum was formed to discuss topics ranging from Race to Religion and Youth Crime to things that effect us directly as black people. The bigger picture is to represent us as positive black role models within our community through different types of media outputs to the younger generations. In our group we discuss everything so we thought why not share that and get you involved. We want you to ask us anything that you think we can help you with giving a females perspective, from light subjects to the much heavier. Its an open conversation with REAL answers so everyone is welcome.

Jun 06

What to do when guys holla at you

So you have been approached by a guy who is not very good looking and you are not sure what to do. Your black sisters give answers on how to deal with some Black and Asian men. Listen to this!

Jun 06

Nicki Minaj

Work experience student, Diogo, does a very convincing impersonation of one of his fav artists: Nicki Minaj





I like being who I am

I’d like to be lady Gaga

I’d like to be an actor

I like being Diogo

Jun 06

Guilty as charged?

Aldous Huxley once said “there are things known and there are things unknown and in-between are the doors of perception.”

Perception will be a key factor in the trial of Paralympics’ track champion; Oscar Pistorius. In a case that has transfixed many in the sporting world and beyond, Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee who became an international track star was indicted on Monday, August 19 in a South African court on a charge of premeditated murder in the shooting death of his girlfriend; model Reeva Steenkamp.

Ms. Steenkamp was shot inside his South African home in Pretoria in the early hours of February 14. It is believed that Mr. Pistorius thought his girlfriend was an intruder and that it was an accidental shooting.

Oscar Pistorius, who has been out on bail since February, will remain free until his trial which is set for March 3, 2014. As he waited for the brief court hearing to begin on Monday, Mr. Pistorius prayed with his family and wept openly. Close friends and family of Ms. Steenkamp sat on court benches a few feet away.

At the hearing, the state prosecution released a copy of its lengthy indictment of Mr. Pistorius, outlining its case that he intentionally shot his girlfriend; Reeva Steenkamp while she was behind a locked bathroom door on the morning of February 14. The prosecution contends that Mr. Pistorius planned to kill whoever was behind the door and that even if he mistakenly killed Ms. Steenkamp; he is still guilty of murder.

Prosecutors have listed more than a 100 witnesses to be called during the trial which include some residents of the gated community where Ms. Steenkamp was killed and those who heard gunshots and a woman screaming at the home of the Paralympics’ champion.

Defense lawyers have depicted the shooting as a tragic accident in which Mr. Pistorius; 26, believed that an intruder had entered his home where Ms. Steenkamp, a law school graduate, was spending the night. According to defense testimony, Mr. Pistorius opened fire through a locked bathroom door, not realizing that Ms. Steenkamp was on the other side. Ms. Steenkamp was hit by at least 3 bullets and paramedics on the scene were unable to revive her.

Prior to the shooting, Oscar Pistorius; nicknamed the Blade Runner because of his distinctive carbon fiber running blades and Reeva Steenkamp had been depicted as a golden couple and she had just embarked on a new line of work, starring in a reality television show. However, controversy still remains over if Mr. Pistorius was wearing his prosthetic legs when he shot Ms. Steenkamp through the closed bathroom door.

The trial will be held at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria where a judge will ultimately pronounce the athlete innocent or guilty as South Africa does not have trial by jury.

Reeva Steenkamp would have turned 30 on Monday.



My name is Boluwatife. I’m doing my work experience at CSV. Writing for me is a passion regardless of what the topic is. It could be poetry, political matters or just fiction but as long as I’m writing, I’m happy. Hopefully, I will become in the future an internationally acclaimed journalist and a renowned writer.

Jun 06

People try to put us down

A wise man once told that there is no box, break down the box and be rid of confinement. It’s absolutely true, but why have we come up with that box in the first place? You’re inherently destined to fail if a situation is created whereby you’re trapped from the start in something, trying to get out. Surely a much healthier perspective would be to be free of any boundaries in the first place. We live in open space, limited only by our dreams and commitment to achieving them. It isn’t a revolution. It’s common sense.

Every day I meet new people; young people, old people, my people. They often complain about things they’re doing.

“People try to put us down…Just because we get around…Things they do look awful cold…I hope I die before I get old…”

“Yeah I just graduated Uni. Got a 2:1 in Advertising and Marketing.” So I ask what they’re doing and lone behold-“Working in a bar. It’s a job isn’t it.” To me that doesn’t correlate. I see no reason for John Doe to work a mundane week to pay the bills, when there’s all this potential stood right there in front of me, itching to burst out. But it’s hard. I understand that, believe me I do. No-one wants to give John a chance; even though he’s spent upwards of 30 grand and counting, not to mention three years of his life pursuing something. It seems a ridiculous notion when you think of it like that, not to say university is bad, not at all, I just see a lack of drive and a lack of opportunities available for people to thrive at the moment. Why pump finances, that aren’t yours, and put your heart and soul into something that ‘could’ or ‘might’ happen. That’s quite a risk. If one was willing to take risks like that then why not apply that to the rest of life? Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve jobs. These people had ideas and they ran with them; forcing open all the locked doors along the way. These are human beings like you and I, so why not dare to dream? If you ‘could’ or ‘might’ succeed at something that YOU love, and that YOU want to do, why not take a risk?

Too frequently I watch people getting comfortable with their lot. As young people we shouldn’t be comfortable yet! We shouldn’t be content to be in a routine yet!  There are many avenues and alleyways to explore in life; so instead of passing them by, take the next right turn and see where it leads.

In a hundred years time our generation may be remembered as the generation that copied. Everything’s retro, everything’s vintage. Everything has been done before, you mean. Like technology we should be evolving. I hear songs on the radio now where they’re singing about each other’s walks! It’s madness. If mass commercial entertainment is lacking creative vision, then it’s no surprise people are happy to plod along the same straight roads for the rest of their lives. Don’t get me wrong, there is a wealth of talent out there, and a vast amount of people doing wonderful things. Imagine though, if everybody was making lots of noise. If everybody, everywhere was chasing that leprechaun to find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; the world would experience some very vibrant things.

Our lives are as long as a piece of string. Could be another hour, could be a century. So, for God’s sake, live it.

Sep 02

My VxM Testimony

VxM has helped me a lot and given me various opportunities, the majority of my experiences are because of VxM.


VxM has helped me with my confidence, at times when I thought I wouldn’t amount to much, a chance would come up allowing me to be productive. One minute I would be teaching, something I never thought I would do or be good at, then I would become a makeup artist for a day, and then help produce short films and then do photography to then being a radio host.


VxM made me realise, that whatever it is I want to do I can pursue it. One of them being publication, they gave the group I’m part of ‘The Black Forum’ the opportunity to produce a magazine. I have always been passionate about writing, so to be able to write and edit our very own magazine, which was the first black produced magazine in Ipswich was amazing and it is something that I will definitely continue with.


VxM has made me see that with a plan of action and the right people on your team, anything you set your mind is possible.


Thank-you Darren

By Cherelle Picort

Sep 01

Angel's Testimony

First Of All, I Would Like To Say A Big “Thank You” For My Article’s In “Villa Cross Media” Magazine, Also For Giving Me The Opportunity To Work With “IO Radio UK”. I Always Get Such A Thrill To See My Articles Published And Chuffed That You Feel My Contributions Are Worthy Of Inclusion. I Really Appreciate The Opportunities You Provide, Plus You Folks Are Simply The Best At What You Do. “My experience With “Villa Cross Media” Magazine & With “IO Radio” Was So Wonderful.


“This Magazine Provides Me A Wonderful Way To Spread The Word About My Inner Thoughts, Plus “IO Radio” Has Helped Me A Lot To Share My Views Online Confidently On Many Life Style Issues, My Ideas And My Experience Which I Share Just To Help Others”.

I Love The Fact There Is An Online Version Of “Villa Cross Media” Magazine As Well As I Love The Fact There Is An Online “Listen Again” Option For Listening To The Radio Shows You Missed On “IO Radio”, As Much I Love The Magazine And Enjoy Reading It From Cover To Cover, I Love To Hear Myself Online. Plus I Like Many Other Shows Too. The Magazine Has A Lot Of Other Good Articles Too That Fetch My Attention – Great For Reading While Enjoying A Coffee Break. I Love The Colour And Images Too.


With All My Love Wishing You Guys Success Always <3

Signature : Angel Seth <3



Aug 26

My Experience With VxM

My experience with VxM

“VxM gave me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise”


guyI was introduced to VxM shortly after I enrolled on the study programme with CSV Media to study media and design, I was told that it is an organisation that engages young people via media. When I was first introduced to VxM I was shy, but the team and the other young people engaged in the project were very welcoming and soon brought out the loud and creative side in me. Although I have always had a love for digital media and design, I never had the chance to showcase my skills and creativity; so when VxM saw that I enjoyed it they soon asked me to produce flyers and take part in projects that they had organised.


VxM took me on a trip to Belgium, I was asked to film the trip and produce a video at the end of it. Going on the trip enabled me to meet new people that were also interested in media, this gave me the opportunity to learn and exchange skills.


VxM gave me the opportunity to be involved in local events and projects that were themed around media, this allowed me to showcase my skills and work. The feedback from the work that I had created was positive and encouraged me to do more and develop new skills. Because of VxM giving me the confidence and skills, I am now producing graphic design work for local music events and being paid in return, however I am also producing free work for other projects based at CSV Media.

By Guy Hurd



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